A Politically Correct

Christmas Story

Many years ago, in a far away place called Bethleperson, there were two young significant others searching for a temporary multi-room paid accommodation dwelling. The husband was a womb-disadvantaged person who toiled as a wood-working technician. The wife was an unsalaried home care giver who, thanks to an interpersonal encounter with a non-denominational supreme being, had become virginally challenged (in an immaculate sort of way). The two spouses could not find lodging, so they had to sleep in a government-assisted public housing situation along with a number of barnyard non-humans. And on this particular night there was born unto this couple a gender non-specific offspring. Joy spread quickly to a gender non-specific shepherd as he (or she) watched over his (or her) flock of potential sweater-providers. And the gender non-specific offspring was visited by a trio of intelligent persons who brought with them gold, frankincense and their friend Murray. Murray followed an alternate life-style, which in no way diminished his worth as a human person. The couple was grateful although they really could have rather used an infant car seat and some Huggies. 


And that's our story, folks! Have yourself a happy non-specific seasonally-correct interdenominational festive occasion!


Joyeux Aïd al-Hanukxsmas Mela!!!

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