A Lesbian Prayer


So long I cried hoping that I would change

But after years of loving things stay the same

I love women that much is true

But where the feelings come I have no clue

Are they from God the most high?

Or are they sinful desires that I have comprised

People often look at me and say I need help I am sick

But I have tried to desire a man tried to want dick

But to no avail has these feelings arise

That I might some hard peg man between my thighs

Instead I seek the closeness the softness of a woman's touch

Never could I have desires for a man as such

Believe me I too have questioned this sin

Can I pray forever and change that I am within?

Will God love me less and not let me into the pearly gate

Or is it only humans that I have to worry about deal with their hate

This is no choice I am who I am intended to be

So why doesn’t everyone stop being so critical stop damn judging me?

I want to be happy and have a good life like everyone else

So please stop telling me of how I am destroying myself

I love me just as God does from above

He cares not of my sexuality all he wants is my love

Now I’m not saying how I live is right or wrong

But I have to accept these feelings deal with them and move on

I love women always and always will

Nothing I do or say will change that's just how it is

What people think of me I will not concern

For my God is a loving one and this they need to learn

I am no less in his eyes than a thief in the night

I will continue to live for him and make the most of my life

So judge me not until you have walked in my shoes and lived my life

You may not understand but God knows my plight

He knows my heart my feelings too

He loves me still why can't you?

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